December 2016

Empowering Others to Gain Skills

Anita Murmu the nurse who has recently joined the team in Kasiadih mission Jharkhand, North India is smearing the walls of the Sister’s house with a new layer of mud and cow dung that acts as glue. Mud houses are like humans, the more you give tender loving care the better they look and their lives are extended. This month Sr. Gemma Mendes, MMS had been busy finding an appropriate place for Anita Murmu their neighbor’s daughter who aspired to become a nurse. Her mother is a young widow. Her search led her to Amar Jyoti School of Nursing, Chanho, Mandar.

Human Rights Day, December 10
Pauline Sadiq with bricklayers

Human Rights Day, recognized on December 10, aims to bring to the world’s attention the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Many of our Sisters and Associates are involved in ministries to help groups of vulnerable persons who are marginalized. We work to ensure they are treated equally. Sister Pauline Sadiq, shown here, is one of our Sisters in mission among the “bonded workers” in the brick kilns in Pakistan.

New Book About Mother Anna Dengel

Medical Mission Sisters announce the release of a new book on our Founder, Anna Dengel, entitled “If You Love.”  Researched and written by our own Sister Miriam Therese Winter, the book weaves little known facts into a beautiful story about Mother Dengel’s early life in the Austrian Tyrol and her work as the only doctor at a hospital in North India in the early 1920s that led her to found our Community in 1925.