December 2017

Medical Mission Sisters visit the cyclone hit area in South India

Sisters Rosamma Vadakethalackal and Mini Amalolbhaven recently visited the families affected by the Ochki cyclone which struck South India in early December. Thirteen fishermen remain missing. Sisters Rosamma and Mini also participated in a march urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide relief and enact preventative measures for the future. The Sisters observed that “families, relatives and the entire neighborhood join the affected in their pain and suffering by being together, sharing, serving meals and praying together.”

MMS response to economic crisis in Venezuela

Against the backdrop of Venezuela’s worsening economic crisis, Medical Mission Sister Maigualida Riera continues her role of helping to run a Solidarity Kitchen in Barquisimeto. With inflation now above 1,000 %, her kitchen spends in one month what was previously spent in a year for food. Sister Maigualida shares, “We remain hopeful that one day this crisis will finish. Meanwhile we want to continue offering a space, a hand, a word, and we want to continue saving lives.”

World AIDS Day Observed

Our Sisters and Associates around the world joined with others in marking World AIDS Day on December 1. In so many areas of the world we have born witness to the pandemic’s devastating impact since the 1980s. We rejoice at new prevention methods and more effective treatment, even as we advocate for health care for all, so each woman, man and child will have access to a better quality of life.