July 2019

Helping in Peru

Associate Dr. Marian McDonald has just returned from visiting Peru, where she has previously provided medical services to people without regular access to healthcare. Her work this time included evaluating patients for later surgery. Many of her patients who travel from the mountains for medical care live under difficult conditions and encounter prejudice, but they have impressed Marian with their kindness. She shares, “they’re the most wonderful people with gentle, friendly smiles and they are very grateful.”

Attat Hospital Celebrates 50 Years

Medical Mission Sisters have been responding to the needs of the local people in Attat, Ethiopia, for 50 years.  Attat Hospital and its extensive integrated health services cover a population of 800,000 people. In addition to in-patient care, women’s groups, water and sanitation activities, village first-aid stations and leadership training are offered.  Attat Hospital also is a center for HIV/AIDS therapy, counseling and testing, and provides home-based care for persons living with AIDS.

Providing a restorative opportunity to those struggling with addiction

June 27, 30 years ago, Medical Mission Sister, Margaret McKenna and a colleague purchased a broken-down shell of a house in North Philly, with the vision of providing a restorative opportunity to those struggling with addiction. Three decades later the program, New Jerusalem, has five buildings that house 20-25 recovering addicts, men and women who find success through the holistic community-focused model.