August 2021

Quality, Holistic Foundational Education

On July 28th 2021Medical Mission Sisters in Ang’iya, Kenya opened its doors to the Anna Dengel Education Centre for the first time. Medical Mission Sisters run the Ang’iya Primary Health Care Dispensary which includes prevention, maternity services, mother and child health, HIV/AIDS program, curative and outreach services. They now have extended their healing presence to respond to the local community’s request for a school. It is difficult for very young children in the area to walk three kilometers and cross several rivers to reach the nearest school.

Seeds of Hope in South India

Seeds of hope in South India. In Kerala our Sisters respond to the various needs of local people who are affected by the Corona Pandemic. They care not only for those admitted with a COVID-19 infection to our hospital in Bharananganam, they also reach out to the sick and those who cannot afford medical care in the villages.