In order to advance the religious, medical and other charitable work in today’s context, the Society has identified areas that need development, strengthening, monitoring, support and facilitation:

  • Ongoing prioritization of activities to ensure vitality, viability and life-giving presence in the light of the emerging needs of mission and changing membership realities
  • Strengthening international collaboration and interdependence among the members in the interest of the sustainability of our worldwide mission
  • Effective linking of activities related to health and healing, justice, peace and integrity of creation across the Society, collaborating with the United Nations and its agencies, members of other churches, and like-minded governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Promotion of vocations of canonical members and associates of the order
  • Provision of relevant formation, integration and preparation of new members
  • Education of members for effective response to changing needs
  • Enhancement of skills for communication including information technology
  • Strengthening of governance and effective leadership within units and across the Society
  • Appropriate care of the members
  • Support of national, regional and local developments and projects in which members of Society are actively engaged