Think and Act Anew

"New thought – new action – how simple it sounds and how difficult it is! When crisis threatened, it is all too easy to go on acting – or reacting – as we did before. But great rewards await men and women who can change the pattern of their thinking to meet new conditions or new challenges."

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. We must think anew."

"In essentials let there be Unity,
In non-essentials Liberty
In all things Charity."

"We should learn love;
and live a unity
made out of pieces."

"Renewal will always be accompanied by a certain confusion,
but the alternative to renewal is rigidity."

"The fast pace is normal
It is here to stay."

"Genuine renewal...
demands our constant and honest re-appraisal of attitudes
to prevent our renewal from becoming merely a pretence."

"Unity of the universe is always unity in variety........ For the perfect building up of the whole unit, not equality but mutual collaboration of a diversity of members of different nationalities and attainments is needed to cope with the variety of tasks ...assigned to us."

"The essence of God’s kingdom is union. Union with Christ in faith and charity – our union with one another as members of Christ..."

"...high among the priorities of authentic renewal must be a deeper understanding, appreciation and trust in the human person. We will all make mistakes- but we can never develop or mature any other way."

"If we realize what a small, although real part each of us is, of the whole, we cannot help but be humble in our sphere and appreciate being part of the whole, grateful to each other for each one’s contribution."

"Faith is the spiritual essence of the soul itself and not the felt experience of a person – the gift of faith is antecedent to any possible experience."