Pursuit of Justice – A Prophetic Response in India

Medical Mission Sister Babita Kumari Das recently spoke at the National Lawyers Forum Conference in New Delhi on empowering Dalits, an Indian caste group that has suffered notable discrimination, even within the Catholic Church. Priests and religious lawyers gathered for the first time to reflect on the theme: Pursuit of Justice – A Prophetic Response in India.

Empowering Others to Gain Skills

Anita Murmu the nurse who has recently joined the team in Kasiadih mission Jharkhand, North India is smearing the walls of the Sister’s house with a new layer of mud and cow dung that acts as glue. Mud houses are like humans, the more you give tender loving care the better they look and their lives are extended. This month Sr. Gemma Mendes, MMS had been busy finding an appropriate place for Anita Murmu their neighbor’s daughter who aspired to become a nurse. Her mother is a young widow. Her search led her to Amar Jyoti School of Nursing, Chanho, Mandar.