14th General Chapter

The General Chapter is the highest authority. It interprets the charism of the Society in a changing world and encourages the members of the Society to a continuous renewal in fidelity to its mission. It acts as an evaluative, direction-setting and decision-making body. The Chapter is representative of the whole Society and is held every six years.

The final event of the 14th General Chapter takes place from 29 September - 29 October 2015. 23 Chapter delegates from Africa, Asia, East Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America gather to interpret the charism of the Society in our fast changing world. The members reflect and evaluate the past six years of life and mission and set directions for next six years. 



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Common Ground

We need to have varied expressions even in Governance depending on the strengths and weaknesses of membership in different sectors. Unless personal support and connectedness are secure mission could be weakened.