25 years at the UN

Medical Mission Sisters and Associates all over the world celebrated 25 years of official NGO status with the United Nations on October 24. Since receiving official NGO status with the UN, several MMS including Janet Gottschalk, Jane Blewett, Philo Morris and now Celine Paramundayil have collaborated with Religious and other NGOS to pursue our mutual passion: social, economic, environmental and gender justice. In North America, MMS honored the occasion with High Tea during which a panel of speakers reflected on the rich history of our Society’s participation with the UN and how it has evolved since 1994. Later we enjoyed a festive meal with international dishes, with some MMS wearing clothing from their native countries or from countries in which they were in mission.

Photo:  Associate Jane Blewett, Sr. Philo Morris, past representatives at the UN, and Sr. Celine Paramundayil, current representative to the UN.