Affordable Handwashing in Ghana

It is a sight to see the colors all over the place!” MMS in Ghana write in response to the growing popularity of “Veronica buckets.” Originally invented 30 years ago by a woman named Veronica Bekoe, the buckets provide a safe and affordable option for handwashing. To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Veronica buckets are now appearing in large numbers at the entrance of shops and other facilities across Africa!

MMS in Ghana share: “We salute Ms. Veronica Bekoe, and many like her whose little inventions make a lot of difference but who are not given the due recognition they deserve. Well done!”



Karuna (Mercy) Francis Thattaracheril's picture
Wonderful! colors can cheerup

Wonderful! colors can cheerup peole. So this new product will have double effect on the mind and body as well