Associates make their commitment

In a joyful liturgical celebration, Nine Medical Mission Associates in Unit North America made their commitment on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Associate Bonnie Templeton made her first commitment while associate Peg Pfaff made her life time commitment. Seven of the nine associates renewed their commitment for five years; Loretta Cody, Karol Feld, Fran Pelham, Phil Pryjma, Jane Jones, Ray Mattern and Rita Maute.

The celebration was graced with the worshipping community, sisters and associates plus family and friends. We thank God for the gift they are to the Medical Mission Sisters Family worldwide, especially to Unit North America. Our prayers and support accompany them



Philomena Faria's picture
Congratulations Loretta Cody

Every time I see your name on the news I wish to connect with you. Today I finally made the attempt. I wish to congratulate you on your renewal of your commitment for five years as an Associate. I know that you are a great asset to the community and enjoy connecting with us. You may or may not remember me. I was a student nurse at HFH Karachi on the male ward working with you on. I remember enjoying working with you. I'm now in Faisalabad in the Punjab for the past 16 years working in a non institutional set up. We have a dispensary giving immunization to children and mother in collaboration with the government and ministering to the brick kiln workers who are our marginalized modern day slaves. We teach the children prayers. We were able to get them off making bricks and registered them in schools 40 kids. We have a nutritional program for them where we give them food supplies twice a month , check their weight and height and give them necessary medicine. They seem to be doing OK and are happy going to school.
I have been in leadership since Sylvia Stralher left in 2010 and recently had elections so we have Iginia who is our Unit coordinator.
We are all in one community officially 8 members one is still completing her midwifery training. 5 finally professed and 4 junior professed. We are thinking of having another community as we feel we are too many together.
Nice sharing with you. Take care.
Philomena Faria