Call to action to respect women

Meidcal Mission Sisters in Hajipur, Patna, North India called for a solidarity action when a young dalit girl was raped, murdered and thrown into a gutter, in a government run hostel in Bihar, India. The fear was that neither the police nor the local authorities would take any action against those involved in this action.

In January 2017, the sisters teamed up with Dreikoenigsaktion, the carol singing campaign of the Catholic Children’s Movement of Austria our partners in mission to fight for justice and to fight against violence against women. The team was able to mobilize more support from a lawyer, a local human rights group, who filed the case and other likeminded groups. They organized a protest march in which over 600 men, women, youth and children joined. Sr. Smita Parmar played a key role in leading the march.  A letter was drafted demanding justice for the victim’s family and protection and respect for women, and was submitted to the district administration. The district administration promised to meet the demands mentioned in the letter.

MMS reflect that it needs dedicated people, who are not silent but raise their voices and skillfully move the levers of democracy. Change is possible even in situations where we believe that only violence and injustice give the tone. The wave of solidarity for justice and respect for women was launched to make it happen that girls and women in India can lead a life in full without fear.