Celebrating 50 Years of Healing Presence as a Medical Mission Sister

50 years ago, Sister Speciosa Babikinamu made her First Profession of Vows and became the first Medical Mission Sister from Africa. A trained nurse and midwife, she has worked in multiple MMS hospitals, in addition to founding the Traditional Birth Attendant Program in Kasanga (which was adapted by the Ugandan Government!). She advises younger MMS: “do not spend your youthful years trying to decide. Do not be afraid of mistakes. God knows you well and knows better your desires and good intentions.” 

Caption: In a joyful ceremony on January 5, 2019, Sister Speciosa, pictured here with several young women in training to become MMS


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golden jubilee

Congratulations Spec, for reaching 50 years as a ;professed MMS. I remember you from Ghana in 1985 and Uganda 1996 to 2009. You have always had my admiration.
Blessings as you continue to live and love. Jane Fell

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Hospital in Welkom

I like to know when the sisters left the hospital in Welkom......