Distributing Food, Teaching Safety

Medical Mission Sisters in Hajipur, India have been busy in collaboration with many people at their community development project, Swabhiman Bhawan, with Covid-19 pandemic action and relief services. The lock down in India came as a shock for many of the people, especially the poor and migrants. During this lockdown with the help of many generous people, friends, religious institutes, companies and political leaders the sisters have been able to distribute dry rations, masks, soap and biscuits to more than three thousand families including transgender individuals, migrants, daily wage workers, widows, the disabled and elderly, rickshaw pullers, and people who did not have ration cards.

Not a single person who has come to their doors has gone without receiving food from Swabhiman Bhavan. The sisters say that, “It has not been easy to hear, watch and feel the fear the virus has caused. We just could not sit on the fence and watch people starve and face violence. We have had many sleepless nights. Most of the time we were not able to find the time to eat ourselves. As disciples of Jesus we felt responsible to help the people who came to us. The words of our founder, Anna Dengel, ‘If you really love, you find ways and never get tired,’ has been a source of inspiration for us.”

Photo: The sisters teach social distancing and the importance of wearing a mask together with providing food for the needy.