Eco-Spirituality Retreat

Medical Mission Sisters in Unit East Africa had a wonderful retreat on Eco-Spirituality from in May 2019 which was conducted by Elly Verrijt, MMS a recognized international workshop and retreat leader in Ecological Spirituality and Awareness from Unit Netherlands. Elly first gave a retreat to the postulants and Benedictine Nuns in Tororo, Uganda, then to the sisters at Namugongo Retreat Center, Kampla, Uganda. She then proceeded to Nairobi, Kenya to give the same retreat to the MMS novices and sisters in Kenya.

Prudence Nankunda, a young Medical Mission Sister, reflected on her experience:

Deepening my ecological awareness is about enriching my call as a Medical Mission Sister. I am constantly called to be a witness who brings healing to the wounded universe. I am therefore called to the sacred “sheer grace” experience of being overwhelmed by the wonder and awe of all created things and taking the radical turn to embrace Mother Earth with deep love. This is my call and my mission to be one with all that has life.

Caption: Christine Lekuru and Prudence Nankunda