Empowering Others to Gain Skills

Anita Murmu the nurse who has recently joined the team in Kasiadih mission Jharkhand, North India is smearing the walls of the Sister’s house with a new layer of mud and cow dung that acts as glue. Mud houses are like humans, the more you give tender loving care the better they look and their lives are extended. This month Sr. Gemma Mendes, MMS had been busy finding an appropriate place for Anita Murmu their neighbor’s daughter who aspired to become a nurse. Her mother is a young widow. Her search led her to Amar Jyoti School of Nursing, Chanho, Mandar. Anita is now there pursuing her dream. Medical Mission Sisters are sponsoring her studies. This is one of the ways, our sisters in Kasiadih have evolved in their mission of providing health care to helping empower others to gain the skills to continue in this mission.

In another small way the sisters helped 78 children and youth by contacting the Don Bosco Youth Educational services in Ranchi, India where two training workshops were organized. The children and the youth just loved the input on life skills and desired more. All this involves funds and we are fortunate and grateful to all those who contributed to help do the above.