Empowering Women in Ghana

In Ghana, West Africa Medical Mission Sisters chose the empowerment of women from the Millennium Development goals (MDGs) to work on. The sisters wanted to increase the skills of local women with skills to enable them to have income generating projects. Sister Colette Beru invited a group of women to share their ideas and dreams of what they would like to learn. The women asked for talks about family life and to learn how to make soap, pomade, powder, pastries and other items for home use. These skills would also enable them to engage in small trading enterprises. They knew that they would need financial and the women themselves suggested they start contributing one Ghana cedi (equivalent to a quarter dollar) weekly, with the hope of realizing their dreams. A microfinancing scheme was begun. With additional funding from donors abroad the project began to expand to include more learning experiences such as making tie dye local fabric. Now this project is growing each day. There is a high demand from women in other areas to start such projects to increase their capacity to provide for their families with the basic needs in life.

 Photo: Sister Colette Beru demonstrates making washing gel