Floods in North East India

As if the Covid-19 pandemic is not enough to upend people’s lives heavy rains have added to the problems of the people in North East India. In Assam, one of the states, the situation continues to worsen as the Brahmaputra River floods low lying areas. In the Garo Hills landslides have wreaked havoc in villages and destroyed farmlands. Many people have lost their lives, belongings and properties and have taken shelter in government relief camps.

As their land was under water for more than a week the rains have affected Medical Mission Sisters in North East India destroying most of their vital source of food, the vegetable garden. Still in the uncertain and confusing surroundings the Sisters continued to respond to the crises by distributing rations, masks and medicines. Because of the generosity of donors and organizations who provided food they were also able to distribute food for children and help women re-establish marketing vegetables to obtain income needed for their livelihood.



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Floods in North East

I am so sorry that the floods have actually destroyed your vegetable garden and main source of food but it is very impressive that you are still able to respond to the needs of the local people. Good for you! Love, Daphne