Hand Sanitizer for Ghana

Holy Family Hospital Techiman, Ghana, where several Medical Mission Sisters work, has formed a COVID-19 Response Team which is leading the effort to prevent the spread of the virus in their area. Entrance to the hospital has been limited to the main entrance and all people coming in, including staff, are screened; their temperature is checked, and their hands sanitized. The Public Health Team is active with public education and raising awareness using all the means available.

In Ghana, as elsewhere, there is a general shortage of preventive products such as hand sanitizers and face masks. Suppliers who have them in stock have hiked their prices and this puts them out of reach for the poor. For the last two years, the pharmacy at Holy Family Hospital where Sister Rita Aponsaa-Owusu works, has been busy producing its own hand sanitizer and liquid soap for hand washing. Now that the consumption has more than doubled since the outbreak of COVID-19, the pharmacy is under a lot of pressure to produce even more. As part of their preventative campaign they are selling these products to the general public and other health facilities and are working to make them available to the poor.

Photo: Sister Rita Aponsaa-Owusu works with the pharmacy team to produce hand sanitizer.



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Producing hand sanitizer and liquid soap

It is really great that you can do that in your pharmacy there - a very important contribution I'm sure!