Health care services for refugees in Indonesia, Jakarta

Just like in many other countries, there is an increasing number of refugees entering in Indonesia who are fleeing from their countries because of conflict, war, poverty, natural disasters and other reasons.  

Since December 2018, the Catholic church in Jakarta (especially the closest parish) and the humanitarian observers begun to pay close attention to the refugees by providing food and health services. The Jakarta Archdiocese through the Social institution of the Diocese (LDD), supports the holding of routine services by involving doctors from various parishes who are willing to become volunteers. Every day the number of refugees who are coming to seek health services increases. Besides public health services offered to them, the refugees are also offered holistic services including teaching them the local language for easy communicate with the people around them.

The Medical Mission Sisters join the LDD in helping with health care services and trying to explore the best ways to reach out to them and the best help that can be offered.