MMS District the Netherlands-Belgium celebrated double Jubilee

Photo's and documents about MMS origins

On April 29-30, 2015, District Netherlands-Belgium had a 2-day all district meeting, to celebrate the 90th jubilee of the Society and the 75th jubilee of MMS in the Netherlands and Belgium. Location was Congress Centre "de Werelt" in Lunteren, a beautiful accommodation with all the necessary care-facilities, in the midst of the woods.

For many of our sisters, who - because of high age or health problems - are not able any more to travel long distances or attend 1-day meetings, this was a unique occasion to meet one another one more time and share some nice time together. Sixty out of sixty-seven of our district members were able to participate, which is an exceptionally large group! Many hadn't met one another for many years!

The whole 2-day meeting, including transport back and forth from home to the meeting place, was organised by our MMS District team, Carla Wessels and Magda Van Hoyweghen, together with the whole team of personnel of the district office, who have all six been present with us from the beginning to the end, and provided everyone with all the support and care they needed!

Thank you so much to Carla and Magda, to our co-workers from the district office: Juul Barten, Fleur Every, Lucie Reijnders, Afra Rijkes, Marijke van der Kemp, Simone Sluijter and Jolanda Hulsen, and to all who contributed in their own way to make this possible. It have been two days of relaxed meeting and enjoying one another's company - two days we'll never forget!

On the photo: Photo's of our foundress, Anna Dengel, and the two first MMS who came back to the Netherlands, and thus founded our district: Eleonore Lippits and Agaath Ypma. These photo's, together with some documents, stories and photobooks from those early years, were displayed on a table, and were looked at by many of the participants, during our two day meeting. They brought back so many memories...


(Author: Lutgarde De Brouwer)



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Mother Dengel's book

Many thanks for the great work M T. God bless you. Joan Thazhatel