MMS new Mission in East Africa to promote Permaculture

In responding to the needs of mother earth and the needs of the area for the newly opened mission in the Eastern region of Uganda, Tororo, the Medical Mission sisters hosted three members from the Permaculture Research Institute of Uganda for a five-day training in permaculture.

Among the many other definitions of permaculture, it is a holistic, living-in-harmony-with-nature worldview, as well as technical approach for how to do so. The medical mission sisters in East Africa, together with a few other people who joined them, were guided through the elements and principles of permaculture and the technical approaches.

Among the things they were trained in were; composting which is rich in recycling and rejuvenation the soil, circle gardening which consists of catching running water and they were also trained in urban gardening. The group was also able to make Biochar which is charcoal made from wood burnt under compressed oxygen and helps in providing carbon nutrients to the soil and it can also be consumed to reduce acid in the body.

The sisters are all ‘fire and flame’ to get this project running and already much has been done to prepare the ground which will be helpful in training the local community and starting an Eco Spirituality Centre. After the training, one of the sisters in describing what permaculture is said, ‘it is seeing God in everyone and everything created’.