MMS Stand With Hajipur Communities

For thousands of years, people in India considered to be in the lowest class in the caste system in India have suffered discrimination, persecution, poverty and many other forms of injustices. This is occurring even in modern India, especially in the rural areas. The Mahadalits (the untouchables) are still considered unworthy of all the benefits and favors accorded to the people in high castes.

The Medical Mission Sisters living in Hajipur are passionate about the empowerment of the Mahadalits and Dalits living near them. They have helped 600 villagers receive testing for HIV/AIDS and with the help of the Red Cross distributed 300 blankets to the poor, disabled and elderly. Sister Smita Parmar has appeared on national TV to speak on community empowerment, emphasizing the need for the government to collaborate with NGOs. MMS have held village meetings and rallies and filed legal cases on behalf of the women in this community.

Photo: An elderly woman is quite happy with her new blanket.