Nurses--Committed to Healing

Several years ago, the Medical Mission Sisters Society Communicator Coordinator put out a request to MMS nurses for their reflections on being a nurse.  The response was so voluminous the coordinator created two volumes of heartfelt stories and inspiration.  Nursing hasn’t been simply a profession or set of skills, but it has been and is a way of life that takes Sisters to the core of others' life experiences.  They have responded to evolving needs around them by becoming midwives, anesthetists, nursing educators, and social justice advocates.  They expanded the scope of their work into public health, primary health care, holistic health care, and pastoral care ministries.  

This past year especially we have experienced this commitment to healing and compassion in unprecedented ways.  We honor the courage, compassion, and skill of all those who have pledged themselves to faithfully practice their profession, and not just do nursing, but to be nurses with all their being.