Offering Support in Kerala, South India

Rescue camps have been opened in many places in Kerela, South India, due to the recent flood that affected the area. Now there are 50 camps accommodating about 50,000 people. Medical Mission Sisters in South India are continuing in assisting relief efforts in any way they can. They were able to access emergency funding from the Hilton Fund for Sisters, and went to the camps last week, helpingĀ  with the immediate needs of flood survivors, such as purchasing commodes for two paralyzed persons, and offering a healing presence to the families they visited. The sisters also hosted many people in their Center for Healing and Integration (Ayushya), which has been registered as a relief camp. Among the help and support that the sisters are offering is counselling.

According to Sr. Maria Pottanany, Unit Coordinator, South India, Donations from people from within the country and around the world are an enormous support, encouragement to rebuild the state once again.