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Women Religious Should Have Vote at Synod

Medical Mission Sister, Birgit Weiler, a theologian and member of the Peruvian bishops’ pastoral ministry for the care of creation, was invited by Pope Francis to be one the experts to participate in the Synod at the Vatican officially titled The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology. Along with other sisters Sr. Birgit voiced her concern that women should be included among synod voting members and in church leadership positions.

Building Resilient Infrastructure

For Medical Mission Sisters being a healing presence takes actual shape in many different ministries. In Rubanda, Uganda Sister Modester Kombe shares her knowledge and skills as a teacher of building and construction at the Rubanda Technical Training Institute. There she educates her students to build durable, friendly, quality buildings that can promote healthy living and reduce maintenance and repairs.

Educating for Gender Justice

Sister Celine Paramundayil (pictured far left), our representative at the United Nations, recently co-led a workshop at the 68th annual United Nations Civil Society Conference. During the workshop, titled “Educating for Gender Justice - Stepping Stone to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” she highlighted Sister Smita Parmar’s work with Dalit women in India as well as the work of Sister Miriam Paul Klaus, a North American MMS, who founded the Teen STAR (Sexuality Teaching in the Context of Adult Responsibility) program in 1980.