Our Mission

We have grown in our understanding of healing and seek to be present to life in a healing way. This growth helps us to see that the whole community of Earth is a fundamental concern and that efforts to live in a healing way include the well-being of its total life.
The pioneering spirit leads us and urges us to be inventive, to walk beyond our boundaries and to widen our circles in mission. The signs of the times are complex and interrelated across the world, e.g.
Sr. Betty Mathay and Rosalinda Maog in The Philippines
The members in the Society are in different stages of life which affects also the active way of contributing to the whole. Each life-stage brings it special flavour to the involvement and the way of supporting mission.
Sr. Mercy in Hajipur/North India teaching basic hygiene to a viallge nearby Hajipur/North India
Global Health responds to interconnected challenges and works towards integrated solutions. The challenges facing public health are big and increasingly universal. The climate is changing, Antibiotics are failing. The world population keeps getting bigger, and older.
Sr. Pushpa speaking at the UN on behalf of the Indigenous People in North India against deforesting.
MMS advocate for Human Rights based policies, Poverty Eradication, Just Trade Policies, Gender Equality, all issues that contribute to Peace-making and much more.
The Earth and the whole interdependent community of life have become our context in mission”.
“Canonical religious and Associates (committed lay person) – live and work collaboratively, interdependently for a fuller expression of our healing charism.