Advocate for Peace and Justice

Our work with the United Nations (UN)


MMS advocate for:

  • Human rights based policies - People-centered development, respecting the planetary boundaries, e.g. right to water and sanitation
  • Poverty Eradication: decent jobs and life for all
  • Social Protection Floors
  • Just Trade Policies Finance, e.g. Green Climate Fund  
  • Gender Equality: Stop Violence Against Women and Girls, Trafficking
  • Reform of the UN Security Council, International Financial Institutions
  • Global Economic Governance -UN centered
  • "Let us be protectors of creation, the weakest and the poorest and to let tenderness open up a horizon of hope.” (Pope Francis)


  • Team work in NGO committees, UN Agencies
  • Find avenues to intervene - Policy making
  • Write and/or bring forth oral Statements
  • Conduct parallel events
  • Nurture personal contacts with delegates
  • Raise the issues and attend Q&A sessions
  • Critique the outcome documents, propose new idea
  • Communicate-locally-globally, Web, Newsletter, Facebook


Sr. Pushpa speaking at the UN on behalf of the Indigenous People in North India against deforesting.