Ecological Awareness

The Earth and the whole interdependent community of life have become our context in mission”.

More than ever, we are experiencing the impact of the devastation of our planet. Climate change and the increasing frequency of calamities have an untold cost to human lives and other species, increasing displacement of peoples and both internal and international forced migration. The victims of this crisis are the poor and the marginalized, especially women and children.

The rhythm of the universe has been disrupted by greed, violence and wars. The impact of the phenomenon of globalization on the poor (including the Earth) is bringing about impoverishment, sickness, and death. Consumerism, individualism, and fundamentalism are eroding the fabric of all societies.

We try to be conscious of the impact of our choices and decisions for the well-being of the community of life. Together with others similarly called we publicly witness to alternate ways of being and behaving.