Promote Global Health

Global Health responds to interconnected challenges and works towards integrated solutions. The challenges facing public health are big and increasingly universal. The climate is changing, Antibiotics are failing. The world population keeps getting bigger, and older. The rise of chronic non communicable diseases is relentless. The microbial world continues to deliver surprises. Public expectations for health care are rising. Budgets are shrinking. Costs are soaring at a time of nearly universal austerity. Social inequalities are at the worst levels seen in half a century. Conflicts are rife. The health consequences, also for civilians, are severe. The will to relieve human misery is strong but gets blunted by too few resources, too little capacity, and too much uncoordinated aid. Universal health Coverage recognizes that health depends not only on having access to medical services and a means of paying for these services, but also on understanding the links between social factors, the environment, natural disasters and health.

Medical Mission contribute to Global Health in:

  • Hospitals
  • Community Health Programmes with the Poorand Marginalized
  • Education of those without access to education
  • With special challenges
Sr. Mercy in Hajipur/North India teaching basic hygiene to a viallge nearby Hajipur/North India