Blessing of the Women's Empowerment Group
Blessing of the Women's Empowerment Group
mms21-admin Thu, 01/28/2021 - 12:43

Launch of the Public Health Programme in Kulmasa, N. Ghana

On 31st August 2021, we invited a wide spectrum of local guests to join us for the official launch of our new new public health programme.  

Sister Rita writes:

"It was a very beautiful day despite rains and lights off. We had no lights for four days and nights leading to the 31st!  The enthusiasm of the people, who together with their chief and elders, defied the rains and paid keen attention throughout the programme was very encouraging. The day before the launch, we were invited to receive a big bull as a gift from the chief and elders which we prepared and shared in a meal with our guests the next day.

Most of the important stakeholders, who we invited, honoured our invitation: In particular: Bishop Peter Paul; the Regional and District Health Directors and their teams; the National Catholic Secretariat; priests and other religious; our sister health facilities; our advisory board members; our building consultants; friends from from Holy Family Hospital Techiman; and many local people. All stayed to the very end and we felt quite overwhelmed.

Our building Consultants had prepared a 3-D presentation of the future constructions - with particular emphasis on the polyclinic. Despite a few technical hitches, the chiefs and elders were the first to clap, hearing about our future plans."

The day was enjoyed by all!