Campaigning before COP26 in Malawi

Our history in Malawi

The Medical Mission Sisters were invited to Malawi, the then Nyasaland, by Bishop John Theunissen in 1956. The following year, four Sisters were assigned to begin work in the vicariate of Blantyre. Anna Dengel visited in May 1965 and applauded the work her Sisters were doing, but also saw a great need to do more.

Her visit led to the opening of Phalombe Holy Family Hospital in 1959. Over the years, the Sisters opened several other missions that offered healthcare services to the people of Malawi. Some Sisters also worked in Government hospitals as doctors, while others tutored in the Government College of Nursing.

When older Sisters repatriated and no new ones replaced them, there was a temporary closure of mission in Malawi in 2008. Finally, in August 2015, four Sisters have restored it.

Focus of our mission in Malawi

Currently, we are involved in the following ministries;

Primary Healthcare

Climate Justice and Ecology

Women and Youth Development

Pastoral Care, Education and Administration

Delivering primary healthcare

In particular, we are engaged in:

  • Working in a mission hospital, mainly in the primary healthcare field; and
  • Delivering antenatal care, postnatal care and HIV/AIDS care, treatment and outreach
Sister Maggie examines her patients under the trees
Sister Maggie examines her patients under the trees

Campaigning for climate justice and ecology

We are passionate about achieving climate justice.

This involves us in:

  • Advocacy for climate justice;
  • Ecological training of local leaders, religious and priests;
  • Ecological prayer services; and
  • Reforestation
Distributing trees for families to plant at home
Distributing trees for families to plant at home
Season of Creation - a banner is help up after a programme is recorded on Luntha TV Malawi

Women and youth development

We engage in:

  • Village banking and provide income-generating activities and small business development; and
  • Workshops for youth
Engaging young people in climate justice campaigns
Sister Immaculate engages young people in climate justice

Pastoral care, education and administration

We also:

  • Visit older people, the sick and the needy; and
  • Distribute whatever is donated by our well-wishers to the poor.

Additionally, we teach at a school and play a role in administration at the Catholic University.

Sister Imma delivers a talk about Healing the Earth
Sister Imma delivers a talk about Healing the Earth
A small boy and his father take a tree to plant at home