South India

Sister Philo with village women

Our history in South India

Unit South India started as Medical Mission Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Kerala in 1944 and amalgamated with The Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries in 1953.

Starting with a hospital in Bharananganam in Kerala, today the sisters are involved in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.


Introducing the Medical Mission Sisters in South India

Focus of our mission in South India


In Selud - Chattisgarh; Khandwa - Madhya Pradesh; Tamil Nadu; Kalamassery, Cochin, Kamakshi and Idukki - Kerala, we are involved in:

Social services with a focus on marginalised women and children

De-addiction programmes

Complementary healing therapies

Healthcare and HIV/AIDs

Sustainable agriculture / care of the earth

Peace and justice

Spiritual animation

Providing social services for marginalised women and children

In Selud - Chattisgarh ; Khandwa - Madhya Pradesh;  Kodaikanal -Tamil Nadu; Mampally, Thiruvanathapuram, Kalamassery, Cochin and Kamakshi, Idukki - Kerala, we:

  • Work with women, children, youth and broken families;
  • Are involved with emotionally and mentally challenged persons;
  • Collaborate and partner with the Church, government and NGOs in advocacy to combat violence against women, children and human trafficking;
  • Collaborate with a childline ministry for protection of children who are abandoned, left alone, forced to beg, face early marriage or child labour, beg or experience physical and sexual abuse and child trafficking;
  • Animate self-help women’s groups to encourage economic sustainability;
  • Promote participation of village women in village governance; and
  • Help to make government programmes available for the poor.
Campaigning for women's rights
Campaigning for women's rights

Delivering de-Addiction programmes

In Kerala and Bangalore - Karnataka, we:

  • Coordinate rehabilitation and treatment of chemically dependent persons; and
  • Facilitate counselling and training programmes
De-Addiction centre at Treda
Sister Lilly delivers de-addiction trianing at Treda

Using complementary healing therapies

In Ithithanam - Kerala, we:

  • Coordinate the MMS-owned centre for holistic health and drugless therapies;
  • Conduct healing and wellness programmes;
  • Organise psycho-nutrition programmes;
  • Offer residential programmes for people in crisis, people with chronic illness and people who need rest;
  • Animate outreach, training programmes and retreats.
Planting a tree in our herbal garden in South India
Planting a tree in our herbal garden in South India

Delivering healthcare

In Kerala, we are:

  • Offering direct medical care through our MMS-owned hospital;
  • Coordinating community health programmes;
  • Conducting nursing training programmes; and
  • Offering palliative home care through a mobile clinic.

In Madhya Pradesh, we are:

  • Organising community-based activities to support health teaching and healthcare;
  • Teaching women to make a high protein mix and tonics for   malnourished children and anaemic mothers; and
  • Teaching women to use local herbs for treating common ailments.
Sister Elizabeth trains nursing students
Sister Elizabeth trains nursing students
Sister Vijaya Engages in Palliative Care Training
Sister Vijaya engages in palliative care training
Sister Annie gives care to a newborn in a nursery

Developing sustainable agriculture and care for the Earth

In Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu, we are:

  • Animating women’s and farmers' cooperatives;
  • Promoting sustainable agriculture;
  • Encouraging a more eco-friendly lifestyle;
  • Supporting organic farming;
  • Recommending renewal energy and rainwater harvesting; 
  • Involved in zero budget farming; and
  • Offering programmes and retreats on holistic living.


Inauguration of a vegetable garden
Inauguration of a vegetable garden

Justice and peace

In Kerala, we:

  • Participate in a wide range of networking and advocacy for justice;
  • Offer support and help to juveniles in conflict-with-the-law;
  • Develop advocacy with women around their rights; and
  • Collaborate with the government on protection of women against domestic violence and abuse.
Supporting a Children's Parliament
Supporting a Children's Parliament

Spiritual animation

Spiritual animation involves us in:

  • Pastoral care ministry;
  • Parish ministry; and
  • Organising retreats and renewal programmes.



Prayer in the community
Community prayer
Holding out plates for food