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Medical Mission Sisters deliver triplets during the pandemic

Why choose the Medical Mission Sisters for your donation?

We have been serving vulnerable communities, including women and children, for nearly 100 years 

By working with us, you can help make development sustainable by 2030

Many communities count on our unique support!

Sister Anne cares for a child in Holy Family Hospital, Patna

Individual Supporters

For nearly 100 years, the commitment, energy and generosity of our supporters have been helping to drive community transformation, wherever we work.  

Today, our work is still only possible with support from a new generation of individuals - like you. As our supporters, you can help us to transform lives across the world for the better. We, in turn, will support you to better understand how - by working together - we are making a real difference to  many lives in some of the world's toughest places. Through regular updates on our website, you will be able to track how we are providing new life chances, new opportunities, new ways of caring to people 'most left behind' - putting them front and centre whatever their context.

As our Austrian foundress, Anna Dengel, taught her sisters during her lifetime: 'We are called … to participate in the birth of a new world reality - with those who are victims of systemic injustice. Love is the impetus.' 

Join us in bringing this about today!

Leave Us A Gift In Your Will

To leave us a gift in your will, please contact us at:

Thank you

Trusts & Foundations

Our country programmes depend upon the generosity and goodwill of trusts and foundations which supported to develop new ideas and build upon our proven track record in delivering quality healthcare and other services in marginalised communities.  Our visionary approach to programme development has been the hallmark of the Society since its founding in 1925.

Our foundress, Anna Dengel, reminds us: “The sufferings of the world should have an echo in your hearts.” You can count upon us to act responsibly at all times.  It is the support and partnership of trusts and foundations which enables us to spring into action and transform the lives of those ‘most left behind’ in our world. 

Get in touch

To know more about the different ways in which you can help us through funding opportunities, please contact the Society Fundraiser at

or telephone  + 44 (0) 20 8992 6444


As a corporate, we welcome your invaluable support and invite you to share your expertise with us - whatever sector you represent.  Whether from funds raised by your employees, from operating profits or from a corporate foundation, working in partnership with us, your company will make a real difference to vulnerable lives.

Get in touch and partner with us

We love to build relationships with new corporate partners. 

If you are interested to know more about what we do with a view to developing a future partnership or sponsoring one of our projects, please contact the Society Fundraiser at

or telephone + 44 (0) 20 8992 6444

In joining us as a proud partner, together we can make development sustainable by 2030!

We can use your expertise

We are always looking for professionals to offer their skills and expertise on a voluntary basis to help our work to grow. Your pro-bono services and gifts in-kind can be very useful to us whether:

Creative design;

Media outreach; or

Networking opportunities.

Hand mandala

Fundraising Campaigns

We are busy constructing a new Eco-Education and Healing Centre in Tororo, Eastern Uganda, Northern Ghana.

You can read more about it by clicking below. 

Food distribution during the pandemic, Pune

COVID-19 and Emergency Appeals

The Medical Mission Sisters are always ready to step in when an emergency strikes in a country where they work.

COVID-19 continues to affect many of the countries where we work, whether India or Peru or Venezuela, and we respond in a myriad of ways.

Help us to save many more lives by supporting our emergency responses today.



                                        Thank you!

This photo shows the Medical Mission Sisters singing in 1966
Medical Mission Sisters in 1966