About us

Medical Mission Sisters

As Medical Mission Sisters we are called to live as a healing presence in our world today. We try to bring about a world where all people and whole of creation live in harmony and where no one is in want. We try to live as Jesus lived, with care and compassion for all.

We are women with great passion…for wholeness, for justice, for life. Like our Foundress, Anna Dengel, M.D., “it eats us up” when individuals and communities are denied the resources and opportunities they need to live as human beings.

We are a community of dedicated women with more than 500 Canonical members and 100 Associates, we share life and our own unique expertise with women, children and men on five continents today. We enter into their lives as partners, as peers, as friends. We work together with them to build one world, and be one world, where the gifts of all people, all cultures, and all of creation are affirmed and celebrated.

We are members of an international apostolic religious institute, also known as the Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries. 

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Being international is a significant part of our heritage. Coming from different countries and cultural contexts, we discover the intrinsic unity, harmony and communion which lie at the heart of all life, and develop a view of our world which is broader than the perspective of any one nation or culture.

Sisters in Latin America from 7 countries

Our membership is from 24 countries, in Africa from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria; in Asia from India, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines; in Europe from Austria, Belgium, England, Germany; Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, in South and North- America from Canada, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and United States of America. As a worldwide society we appreciate and imbibe the gifts of every culture and people. We envision our worldwide multicultural Society as being “companions of Jesus the Healer’ joy-filled, hope-filled, witnesses of God’s healing presence in our wounded world and thus we engage in weaving the tapestry of the new creation.

We are concerned that in many places in this world the integrity of cultures and the health of people are in danger or destroyed by conflicts or exploitation of natural resources (indigenous people). We want to take our stand beside these people and fight together for their rights.

Sr. Therese Tindirugamu/Uganda, Monique Henkes/Netherlands/ Edith Du’ghi/Ghana in the community in Nairobi

Being women of different cultures, living in community is a blessing and a witness to the possibility of global solidarity. It also challenges each one to acquire the necessary skills to go beyond personal and cultural patterns. Due to diverse situations in which we live and are active in mission, community life needs to be flexible, allowing for pluriformity in response to different realities.

Our collective intercultural experience shapes our understanding of mission and leads us to deepen the awareness of our interconnectedness and to create ways of linking and networking among ourselves and with others for the sake of mission.

Intercultural living is mission itself and a witness in times of conflicts and crisis. This gift needs to be nurtured and developed. Therefore we want to foster international communities in all sectors and implement short and long-term exposures for younger for peer bonding and to widen our own understanding of MMS Mission.

At the Gathering of Newer Members in Philadelphia / US