Anna Dengel - Foundress of Medical Mission SistersThe life and mission of Anna Dengel and all those who have gone before us, continue to be a source of inspiration for us. Anna Dengel, inspired by Agnes McLaren, dared to pioneer in response to the specific needs of her time. Her passion for mission was lived in constant discernment, with deep faith and trust in her call.

Her charism of healing and love for the poor, especially the deprived women and children, is a gift of the Spirit in the church and the world. The Spirit continues to draw others to share in this gift. We continue to be conscious of this inspiration as we respond to the needs of our own times. Fidelity to our inner call often places us on the margins of culture, religion, and church. This challenges us to a new kind of pioneering and to taking a prophetic stance that has political impacts on religion, culture and other social realities and where no one is in want.

Anna Dengel used the following words in her speeches, her writings and various inputs at meetings with Medical Mission Sisters: 

If you really love

If you really love 
You are inventive 

If you really love 
You try to find out 
You are interested 

If you really love
You are patient
And long suffering

Certainly if you love
You accommodate yourself

If you love
You want to give
You are tireless
Selfless and generous

If you love
You really want to serve
And not just to work

One does not spare oneself
if one loves.

Anna Dengel