I was fire and flame...
to be a missionary with a definite goal in view,
filling an unfulfilled need
which only women could fill...
I was determined to become a mission doctor...
Doing something only women could do
for suffering women.

Our whole life is to be missionary
so we need to be completely impregnated
with the mission spirit.
Mission ideas must influence our whole thinking,
our praying and our acting.

As Medical Missionaries,
the needs and sufferings of humanity must find
an echo in our hearts.

God has been most wonderfully good to us.
When you feel downhearted or discouraged,
begin to count your blessings.

We must go forward with great optimism,
The right kind, not foolish,
but that optimism
founded and grounded in faith, hope and charity...

God doesn’t expect the most heroic,
but reasonable, conscientious and good service
so that we can let our light shine
and in that way glorify God.

And another simple way is to bring grace
into the lives of others
and if we have Christ within us
and if we let Him be active in us
we can bring grace and joy –
with Christ comes joy –
I mean true joy –

The real thing that makes us want to show forth Christ
is because we love Him.
We want to become real missionaries
so that our Society will really fulfil its purpose
of helping to bring Christ into the world,
into whatever part we go and wherever we are
in some form or other,
in our humble, simple and sincere way.