MMS and the UN

Status of MMS at the UN

Medical Mission Sisters are a non-profit organization, having special consultative status with the United Nation’s ECOSOC since 2000 and accredited to the UN DPI and UNFCCC. We are involved in the UN to promote life, protect the planet and to make a better world for all.

Our vision of mission is to be present to life in the spirit of Jesus the Healer. We are committed for peace, justice, and sustainable development for People and Planet. Our caring, healing presence is in five continents, and extends from micro to the macro level, from grassroots to the United Nations for a better future for all. The UN being the only international institution where policies are made has a direct impact on people living in poverty and the vulnerable planet earth.

Society Representative to the UN: Celine Paramundayil, MMS

What are our areas of focus?

Civil society members from around the globe are working tirelessly to bring justice to the world through the policies made at the UN. We are members of several NGO committees and advocacy groups.

  • Through the NGO committee on Social Development  we address the issue of Social Justice (
  • Through the  NGO Committee on Financing for Development we address the Systemic issues and advocate for Economic Justice (
  • Through the Environmental Justice-NGO we address Sustainable Development (
  • Through the NGO Committee on the Status of Women we address Gender Issues (
    We bring Human Rights issues affecting particular groups like victims of trafficking to the NGO Committee to Stop Human trafficking (www.NGOCSTIP), and the issues related to the victims of Migration to the NGO Committee on Migration.
    Concerns of those affected by mining we take up through the Mining Working Group at the UN.  
  • Post 2015 agenda (after the Agenda of the Millennium Goals) is the main focus for the recent years. In September 2015 world leaders will sign a Universal Agenda with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) integrating the social, economic and political dimension for the coming 15 years and beyond

What we do @ the UN?

  • Be a voice of the voiceless-Advocacy & Lobbying decision makers
  • Contribute to the UN by written and oral Statements
  • Conduct Parallel events during conferences and at the UN
  • Participate in major Conferences/ meetings in NY and around the world
  • Raising awareness – Education, including orientation to the UN