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Ecological Center in Philippines Celebrates 10 Years

Haven for Ecological and Alternative Living (HEAL), in the Philippines is a center for ecological living and learning. It was established by the Medical Mission Sisters in 2008 as a place of hope in response to the needs of healing the entire community of life. On January 13, 2017 MMS launched HEAL’s year-long program and activities to mark the 10th year birth of HEAL. The unfolding story of HEAL through the years is a journey filled with awe, wonder and surprises as we encounter the ‘Creator of creation and Life’.

Temporary shelter for the homeless

In Eagle Butte, South Dakota, U.S, our Sister Katherine Baltazar is a Board Member of The Mustard Seed, a local ministry that helps feed people who are homeless as well as provide them with temporary shelter. When a homeless man, a Native Veteran, froze to death two years ago, The Mustard Seed vowed not to let this happen again. Eight tiny houses have been constructed, and are already occupied by those who need protection from the cold.

Call to action to respect women

Meidcal Mission Sisters in Hajipur, Patna, North India called for a solidarity action when a young dalit girl was raped, murdered and thrown into a gutter, in a government run hostel in Bihar, India. The fear was that neither the police nor the local authorities would take any action against those involved in this action.