Honoring the Veterans

As we honor the Veterans today, there are many people we wish to celebrate. Those who braved the difficult and trying moments for the security and well being of everyone. We honor those who have died and those still living, retired and those still serving. As Medical Mission Sisters, we remember and celebrate our many Veteran Sisters and Associates.
In a special way, we celebrate Sr. Catherine V Fitzgerald Also known as Sr. Kathleen Fitzgerald who joined the Army Nurse Corps In June 1943 until January 1946. She was stationed in England at the 231st Station Hospital near Norwich. With other nurses she received orientation for active duty. Two of the three nurse-friends remained fast friends even after the war. It was the support of friends, her faith that brought her through difficult times. She cared for many pilots and infantry men wounded just across the English Channel.
We also honor and celebrate Associate Selena Wilson, who joined the Army Medical Service Corps and served for five years in the U.S. and abroad, remaining on active reserve status for twelve years as an Army Major.