Intercultural Sharing

In Phulgaon, India MMS have been a part of the ISHWARI Centre, the Institution for the Services of Handicrafts and Women’s Awareness of Rural Initiatives for many years. Started in 1990, this program aims to help economically deprived and physically handicapped women to become aware of their potential and to lead better lives. It offers training in crafts, sewing and tailoring, cooking, personality development and citizenship rights.

Recently the ISHWARI community hosted members of World Association for Girl Guides who came in large numbers from all over the world. Two big groups came for classes in Indian cooking and others came just to visit the projects and join the Ishwari women and staff for a meal.

The association of girl guides supports girls and young women to develop their full potential as leaders and to take action to create positive change in their communities. Encounters such as these contribute to a greater understanding of the issues of poor women and provide insights into their lives. Relationships developed often have a far reaching impact on the lives of the young women involved and contribute to their becoming global citizens.