Praying for Peace

MMS in Frankfurt, together with many other Christians, gathered in the Cathedral and remembered the implications of war on people, animals and creation. Together we prayed for peace and integrity of creation. Every year people design a logo for these peace candles. Then the beautifully decorated candles are presented in an ecumenical opening prayer service. The service takes place on September 1st, the Antiwar day in Germany, which marks the beginning of World War II. The topic of the service and for the following campaign this year is, Scorched Earth – Creation a war victim. After the blessing of the ten candles, the candles began their three-month journey around congregations and parishes. In the different places where the candle will stop, people gather around the light of the candle, sing and pray for peace. They will remember their responsibility for the integrity of creation.

This initiative also supports people, initiatives and organizations who are peacemakers. In 2020 the foundation, Wind of Hope, was chosen as the peacemaker of the year. This initiative initiated “healing gardens” in Iraq as well as in other former countries which suffered from war. The financial support goes traumatized children and youth and helps to restore parts of our wounded Earth. At the end of the year the peace candles will be handed over to initiatives who are working and praying for peace.




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praying for Peace

Thank you to MMS in Frankfurt. Hope the light of a candle from every one continue lights up in the darkness in our world to bring love and peace.