Society News

Call to action to respect women

Meidcal Mission Sisters in Hajipur, Patna, North India called for a solidarity action when a young dalit girl was raped, murdered and thrown into a gutter, in a government run hostel in Bihar, India. The fear was that neither the police nor the local authorities would take any action against those involved in this action.

Marking Migration Week

Medical Mission Sisters join with the larger Church in marking National Migration Week.  Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of ‘encounter’ in the Christian faith saying, “Faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does:  encounter others.”   Our Sisters in London are reaching out to the refugees pouring into the UK from Syria and other parts of the world, in addition to caring for their homeless neighbors.

Empowering Others to Gain Skills

Anita Murmu the nurse who has recently joined the team in Kasiadih mission Jharkhand, North India is smearing the walls of the Sister’s house with a new layer of mud and cow dung that acts as glue. Mud houses are like humans, the more you give tender loving care the better they look and their lives are extended. This month Sr. Gemma Mendes, MMS had been busy finding an appropriate place for Anita Murmu their neighbor’s daughter who aspired to become a nurse. Her mother is a young widow. Her search led her to Amar Jyoti School of Nursing, Chanho, Mandar.