Society News

Associates make their commitment

In a joyful liturgical celebration, Nine Medical Mission Associates in Unit North America made their commitment on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Associate Bonnie Templeton made her first commitment while associate Peg Pfaff made her life time commitment. Seven of the nine associates renewed their commitment for five years; Loretta Cody, Karol Feld, Fran Pelham, Phil Pryjma, Jane Jones, Ray Mattern and Rita Maute.

Meet our Newest Associate, Bonnie Templeton

When a Medical Mission Sister (MMS) invited Bonnie Templeton to a Sunday liturgy back in the late 60's, she couldn't believe her ears when, as she drove up to the building, she heard bongo drums, guitars and tambourines.

"It wasn't like any music I'd heard in a church before," Bonnie said. "I felt right at home and I'll never forget that."

Sr. Miriam Paul Klaus receives the Anton Neuwirth prize

Congratulations to Sister Miriam Paul Klaus, who made a recent trip overseas to commemorate 25 years of the presence of Teen STAR (Sexuality Teaching in the Context of Adult Responsibility) in Slovakia. With the help of a few colleagues, Sister founded the program in 1980 to help adolescents gain a sense of “ownership of their bodies” by educating them about their fertility patterns and the consequences of engaging in intercourse prematurely. Teen STAR is now present in 35 countries around the world.