MMS and Associates in Belgium, England, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands are part of an increasingly multicultural urban society. They encounter many faces of poverty and with exclusion from adequate participation and access to essential services. The younger sisters mostly work in teams composed of people from different ethnic backgrounds. As individuals and communities in reaching out to people longing for healing, those with chronic, terminal or psychiatric illnesses, among them many homeless and migrants, people suffering from addiction, those handicapped, the elderly, especially those suffering from dementia, people grieving and those earnestly seeking for meaning in life. They try to offer support to individuals as well as to join others in networking for change wherever possible. And they are actively engaged in dialogue of life and faith. Mission expressions are related to potential and energy as well as to age, mobility and experiences of health and sickness. In areas where the sisters are of elderly age care and wellbeing of the sisters is the most important goal. As far as possible also the elderly sisters continue being actively engaged and supportive in advocating and lobbying for justice and peace.

MMS District the Netherlands-Belgium celebrated double Jubilee
Photo's and documents about MMS origins

On April 29-30, 2015, District Netherlands-Belgium had a 2-day all district meeting, to celebrate the 90th jubilee of the Society and the 75th jubilee of MMS in the Netherlands and Belgium. Location was Congress Centre "de Werelt" in Lunteren, a beautiful accommodation with all the necessary care-facilities, in the midst of the woods.