Latin America

Medical Mission Sisters and Associates in Peru and Venezuela accompany community organizations in socially deprived areas. Mostly these “barrios” are located in the periphery of capital cities and also in semi-rural areas. Generally in these areas, public services like adequate drinking water, transport system, primary health centers, elementary and secondary educational facilities are either very deficient or non-existent. One important priority of their mission is to work with and to educate exceptional challenged persons, disoriented youth, often wounded and maltreated from dysfunctional families and violent environment. In Peru they reach out also to indigenous people and peasants who are socially, politically, economically and cultural marginalized and excluded, who had been evicted in their own land, who suffer the pollution of their lands caused by the mining and petroleum industries. This includes care for planet earth, “Pachamama” who is wounded, devastated, by massive exploitation and contamination. Also here networking with other like-minded groups and organizations is the way forward to live the vision, to promote consciousness and the transformation of oppressive structures in order to move toward a society that is more human, equitable and intercultural.

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