North America

  • Sr. Katherine Balthazar with a native American in South Dakota/US
  • Sr. Mary Em Glom: Healing Mission of Art

There is a lot movement of MMS from longtime ministries in other parts of the world to North America or from very active to less active lifestyles due to elder age. All sisters and associates across the US follow the focus of being a healing presence at the heart of the community of life. This vision binds them together in their pluriform expressions in whatever context they find themselves: among indigenous in a reserve area in South Dakota, in a hospice, in suburbs of big cities among the poor and marginalized or in Philadelphia in a “green” compound where the sisters share life in community of handicapped people who have a low income. They all appreciate the collaboration with colleagues and co-workers, with like-minded people and especially with their Associates who also support the care for the sick and elderly sisters. Together with all they contribute to the realization of a more justice and a sustainable future.

International Workshop
Holding the future together in all differences

International Workshop on life-giving government structures October 2014 in Philadephia