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Associates make their commitment

In a joyful liturgical celebration, Nine Medical Mission Associates in Unit North America made their commitment on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Associate Bonnie Templeton made her first commitment while associate Peg Pfaff made her life time commitment. Seven of the nine associates renewed their commitment for five years; Loretta Cody, Karol Feld, Fran Pelham, Phil Pryjma, Jane Jones, Ray Mattern and Rita Maute.

Medical Mission Sisters recognized for their pioneering spirit
Medical Mission Sister Shahnez

In an analysis of the historic role of midwives in safeguarding healthy births, Global Sisters Report noted the contributions Medical Mission Sisters have made to the field. In 1944, MMS opened the Catholic Maternity Institute in Santa Fe, California, training nurse midwives and attending local indigenous birthing mothers for more than 20 years. Today, our sisters continue to heed the call, in some cases providing life-saving care to mothers in remote regions of the world.

Kulmasa Ghana Project Launch

On August 31, 2021 Medical Mission Sisters in Ghana launched an Integrated Health Program at Holy Family Parish at Kulmasa in the Savannah region of the country.The Integrated Health Project care aims to enhance accessibility to quality health care and includes maternal and child health care, preventive and participative health activities, girl-child education, youth and women empowerment.

Quality, Holistic Foundational Education

On July 28th 2021Medical Mission Sisters in Ang’iya, Kenya opened its doors to the Anna Dengel Education Centre for the first time. Medical Mission Sisters run the Ang’iya Primary Health Care Dispensary which includes prevention, maternity services, mother and child health, HIV/AIDS program, curative and outreach services. They now have extended their healing presence to respond to the local community’s request for a school. It is difficult for very young children in the area to walk three kilometers and cross several rivers to reach the nearest school.

Seeds of Hope in South India

Seeds of hope in South India. In Kerala our Sisters respond to the various needs of local people who are affected by the Corona Pandemic. They care not only for those admitted with a COVID-19 infection to our hospital in Bharananganam, they also reach out to the sick and those who cannot afford medical care in the villages.


Nurses--Committed to Healing

Several years ago, the Medical Mission Sisters Society Communicator Coordinator put out a request to MMS nurses for their reflections on being a nurse.  The response was so voluminous the coordinator created two volumes of heartfelt stories and inspiration.  Nursing hasn’t been simply a profession or set of skills, but it has been and is a way of life that takes Sisters to the core of others' life experiences.  They have responded to evolving needs around them by becoming midwives, anesthetists, nursing educators, and social justice advocates.  They expanded the

Responding to the Covid Crisis in India

Kurji Holy Family Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in Patna, North India, was established in 1939 by MMS. It is now jointly managed by MMS and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and has 300 beds, which have been increasingly filled with Covid-19 patients. Our Sisters there are reporting significant challenges in providing quality care; they are currently setting up a PSA oxygen plant which will take 6-8 weeks to be completed. In addition, the hospital is struggling to maintain full staffing due to the pandemic.

Laudato Si Initiatives in Africa

Facilitated by the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM) Medical Mission Sisters in Umoja Kenya were privileged to host a workshop on Laudato Sí, the encyclical of Pope Francis on Care for our Common Home. The workshop focused on ecological conversion, partnering with those working for healing the Earth, making conscious personal choices, and being animators in inviting others to an ecological consciousness.

Re-opening borders

Sisters Judy MacDonell and Pat Gootee are delighted to be back to work in Tucson, Arizona!  With the recent change in U.S. administration, the borders have been re-opened; migrants are crossing in large numbers. The travelers, who are supported by sponsors, stay at Casa Alitas for only a day or two and then board buses to move on to their next destination. There is a wing just for those who are Covid positive. Sister Judy and Sister Pat prepare breakfast and lunch; volunteers bring in hot meals, fruit and other provisions. Judy also works in the laundry.

Survival and Celebration

In Hajipur, India, as elsewhere, Covid 19 has disrupted the normal life of the people, especially children. Trafficking, child marriages, child labor are on the rise. Some children have to cook for the entire family as parents go out early in the mornings to search for food. As Medical Mission Sisters go about their lives and mission, they have been inspired by the generosity and creativity that ordinary people exhibit not only to survive but also to help others survive as well. Still Christmas was a day of joy.