Sister Lutgarde De Brouwer

Sister Lutgarde De Brouwer and Steppeland

Lutgarde De Brouwer is a self-trained photographer who works under the name Steppeland. As a Medical Mission Sister and a social worker, she combines her love for creation, people and cultures in the images she makes.

She likes to focus on nature photography, street photography, editorial and photojournalism.

Her nature photography has an aesthetic and a documentary aspect and results from what she experiences as a personal encounter with the subjects she photographs. Her work shows the beauty and variety of landscapes, flowers, plants and animals - the beauty of all creation - and very often, at the same time, shares some knowledge about it.

In her street photography and photo-journalistic work, too, she feels somehow connected with the issues she reports on and the people she photographs. Touched by their individual stories she tries to capture some of that interconnectedness in her work.

Welcome to Steppeland
Welcome to Steppeland

On her website she writes:

"Everywhere I go I discover beauty and I experience a deep connection with all that is. Photography is a means for me to capture, express and share that beauty and that sense of unity."

Unity Through Photography

Raghu Rai, Indian Magnum-photographer, describes this experience of unity through photography very well in the documentary 'Raghu Rai: An Unframed Portrait' by his daughter Avani Rai.

Quote: "When you connect with every inch of space and every energy and emotion that is floating around, primarily, you are a very silent soul where yourself is become a sensor. You are part of that whole. And when the sensor of your soul is receiving and ticking with the spirit and energy of the place, that's the time where oneness comes. Even nature begins to perform for you, because you are not a separate entity anymore. 

That's the time when there comes a moment of intensity and magic, and then, you see, you miss a heartbeat. And your situation has acquired that heartbeat. So, when you capture that moment, that moment has the power of the heartbeat that you lent into it." 

Presentation of Steppeland's Work on a Variety of Photography Websites

Sister Lutgarde's work is presented her own website and on many general photography and art platforms, like 500px, under the name Steppeland or Steppeland Photography.

It can be purchased for editorial and educational purposes on several stock sites like Alamy, Shutterstock, Adobestock and more.

It also is made available to purchase, as design, on a variety of objects on diverse print-on-demand websites like Redbubble, Greeting Card Universe and Zazzle.

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